Introducing Garmin MARQ Carbon Series of Smartwatches; Priced from $2950

Garmin has recently announced the MARQ Carbon collection, a trio of luxury smartwatches that boast a lightweight and durable material called Fused Carbon Fiber, which is 62% lighter than titanium ¹ ² ³ ⁴. The MARQ Carbon collection includes three distinct timepieces:

– MARQ Athlete Carbon Edition: A multisport tool watch with cutting-edge training, performance and recovery metrics.
– MARQ Golfer Carbon Edition: A golf watch preloaded with profiles of more than 43,000 courses worldwide and provides players with club suggestions based on wind, elevation and their swing data.
– MARQ Commander Carbon Edition: A tactical watch with a stealth design and is loaded with dedicated features for tactical operations.

The MARQ Carbon comes in three different models

MARQ Athlete Carbon Edition

The MARQ Athlete Carbon Edition is a cutting-edge multisport watch designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This versatile timepiece offers a comprehensive range of activity tracking and performance coaching features, catering to diverse interests and pursuits. With pre-loaded profiles for various sports such as:

– Trail running
– Hiking
– Swimming
– Rowing
– Climbing
– Yoga
– Pilates

and many more, the MARQ Athlete provides personalized tracking and insights. Additionally, the watch features animated on-device workouts, offering step-by-step guidance through a wide range of activities, helping users achieve their fitness goals and explore new exercises.

Furthermore, the Garmin MARQ Athlete Carbon Edition takes accuracy to the next level by including the HRM-Pro chest strap monitor in the package. This premium accessory provides users with more precise running dynamics and heart rate data, enabling them to fine-tune their training, optimize performance, and gain a deeper understanding of their physical condition. With the HRM-Pro, users can access advanced metrics such as lactate threshold tracking, performance condition, and stress tracking, giving them a comprehensive picture of their physical state.

MARQ Golfer Carbon Edition

The MARQ Golfer Carbon Edition is a cutting-edge smartwatch tailored specifically for golf enthusiasts. This specialized timepiece comes pre-loaded with an extensive database of over 43,000 global golf courses, ensuring that players have access to precise course data wherever their game takes them. Additionally, the MARQ Golfer features an innovative virtual caddie that provides personalized support and strategic insights, including:

– Club recommendations based on wind conditions
– Elevation adjustments
– Personalized swing data analysis

This intelligent caddie functionality empowers golfers to make informed decisions and refine their strategy, helping them navigate the course with confidence and precision.

The MARQ Golfer Carbon Edition, like other Garmin smartwatches, offers comprehensive health and fitness tracking, including sleep, heart rate, and various other vital metrics. Building on the success of Garmin’s Approach series, this premium golf watch boasts an ultra-premium design, featuring a lightweight carbon fiber case and expanded functionality. The MARQ Golfer Carbon Edition is the ultimate fusion of style, innovation, and performance, offering golfers a cutting-edge timepiece that not only enhances their game but also tracks their overall well-being. With its advanced features and sleek design, this watch is perfect for golf enthusiasts seeking a high-end accessory that complements their active lifestyle.

MARQ Commander Carbon Edition

The MARQ Commander Carbon Edition is a tactical variant of the MARQ series, designed specifically for military personnel. While it shares many features with its siblings, it replaces some sport-specific modes with functionality tailored to the needs of those in the armed forces. Distinguished by its sleek, all-black design, the MARQ Commander eschews the colorful accents of its siblings, instead featuring a bezel with engraved 24-hour UTC markings, making it a practical and stylish choice for military professionals. Its rugged, stealthy appearance belies its advanced features, making it an ideal companion for those serving in the military.

The Garmin MARQ Commander Carbon Edition boasts enhanced usability with textured buttons on the case, providing a secure grip even in challenging conditions. The watch comes with a versatile jacquard-weave nylon strap featuring a subtle, randomized pattern, as well as a secondary silicone strap option. What sets the MARQ Commander apart from other Garmin models is its specialized functionality, tailored to meet the needs of aviators and tactical operators. This includes advanced calculations and a unique display screen setting that enables the watch to be used in conjunction with night vision goggles, making it an ideal companion for military and aviation professionals.

Similar to other Garmin watches designed for military use, the MARQ Commander features a stealth mode that enables the watch to continue functioning while preventing the storage and sharing of GPS data and disabling wireless connectivity. This ensures that sensitive information remains secure. Additionally, the MARQ Commander includes a secure erase feature, also known as a virtual kill switch, which allows users to quickly wipe the device clean of all stored user data in case of a security breach or compromise, providing an added layer of protection and peace of mind.

Garmin MARQ Carbon Pricing and Availability

The Garmin MARQ Carbon collection is priced as follows:

  • – MARQ Athlete Carbon Edition: $2,950
    – MARQ Golfer Carbon Edition: $3,100
    – MARQ Commander Carbon Edition: $3,200

    The MARQ Carbon collection is available to purchase from Garmin’s official website and select retailers.

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