Kate and William in ‘epic scream-time battle’ with children over refusal to obey key rule-check


KATE, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William experience a “very relatable” struggle with their three young children when it comes to bedtime, according to two royal commentators. Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are still wrestling with making sure Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis follow bedtime rules.



Commentators Christine Ross and Christina Garibaldi said the royal parents are experiencing a “very relatable” struggle as their three children challenge the “boundaries’ Kate and William try to set with the help of nanny Maria Borrallo.



The Duke of Cambridge last month opened up about his parenting work, admitting George and Charlotte tend to test each other as well to decide who picks up their morning soundtrack. Royally Us host Christina Garibaldi said: “It seems Kate and William have it rough at bedtime, just like the rest of us.



“Kids don’t really want to go to bed at their scheduled time. It’s a tough balance. “Sometimes you just want to give in and be like, ‘do whatever you want.’ “You have to keep those rules firm but it’s a hard balance.” Co-host Christine Ross explained the three Cambridge children have an established sleep time but often engaged in a “scream-time battle” with Kate and William to delay having to go to bed.



Ms Ross said: “I can relate to this. “The Cambridge kids have a bedtime of 7 o’clock and nanny Maria is on board. “They’re all working together to get the kids in bed by 7.” She continued: “And yet they have the epic scream-time battle that I think every parent runs into.



“Prince William talked about how they’re still learning how to set those boundaries and set screen time. “And I think every parent can relate to that.” The Duke of Cambridge also talked about George and Charlotte challenging each other to take control of playlist selection before heading to school.



He told Apple Fitness Plus podcast A Time to Walk last month: “Most mornings there’s a massive fight between Charlotte and George as to what song is played in the morning. “And I have to now basically prioritise that one day someone does this one and another day, it’s someone else’s turn.



“So George gets his go, that Charlotte gets her go. Such is the clamour for the music.” He added: “Charlotte particularly is running around the kitchen and her dresses and ballet stuff and everything. “She goes completely crazy with Louis following her around trying to do the same thing.



“And so it’s a really happy moment where all the children just enjoy dancing, messing around, and singing.”


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