Meghan Markle keen to ‘draw attention away’ from herself at Queen’s funeral – see details

The Duchess of Sussex was eager to not steal the limelight at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, an Australian body language expert has revealed.

The former Suits actress adopted the expression of a number of the royals throughout the service, Connection Specialist and Body Language Expert, Katia Loisel told

“Meghan sat very still, her gaze fixed and looking straight ahead or downcast towards the floor,” Ms Loisel said.

“This understated body language may be a sign of respect and reflect a desire to draw attention away from oneself and back onto the late Queen Elizabeth.” While the 41-year-old American and her husband Prince Harry were forced to avoid public displays of affection at the occasion, much attention has been devoted to the brief moments when they reconnected.

In one photo the couple were captured briefly touching hands, which Ms Loisel said was an attempt to comfort each other.

They were “non-verbally seeking one another out,” the body language expert said.

“Their heads torsos and head tilted inwards in an attempt to provide and receive comfort and reassurance.

“However, it’s important to see these non-verbal behaviours for what they are, not as a sign of disrespect, but two people reaching out for help and finding solace in one another during what is an incredibly difficult time.” Many have been critical of the Duke and Duchess following the funeral over their attempts to comfort each other.

But Ms Loisel said it “is very much in line with the tactile and affectionate couple that they are” and with “Prince Harry’s work as a passionate ambassador for mental health”.

The California-living couple will reportedly fly out of the United Kingdom “almost immediately” after Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, which was held on Monday.

The pair have been away from their children Archie, three, and Lilibet, one, for more than two weeks and are anxious to get back to them, a source has told Us Weekly.


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