Meizu PANDAER 120W Desktop Super Charging Station PRO Officially Launched, Priced at 479 Yuan

Here are the details of the Meizu PANDAER 120W Desktop Super Charging Station PRO :

– Starting price: 479 yuan, equivalent to 66 US Dollars.
– Launch platforms: (link unavailable) and other platforms.
– Charging ports: Three USB-C ports.
– Charging speed: 120W multi-protocol fast charging.
– Charging protocols: PD, PPS, QC 3.0, QC 4.0, SCP, FCP, etc.
– Chips: GaN dual chips.
– Compatibility: Accurately adapts to the Meizu 20 series.
– Charging time: Charges the pro model from 0 to 100% in 35 minutes.

Furthermore, the Meizu PANDAER 120W Desktop Super Charging Station PRO boasts an array of additional features, including:

– Three AC five-hole sockets for versatile connectivity
– An independent power electromagnetic switch for enhanced safety
– Support for up to 2500W AC output, making it suitable for powering hosts, monitors, and laptops

Moreover, this innovative charging station features the cutting-edge “Super Sensing Stable Connection Technology 2.0”, which enables the world’s first USB-C port to simultaneously power three devices while ensuring a stable and continuous connection. This means that when any of the devices is unplugged or plugged in, the other devices remain unaffected, providing a seamless and reliable charging experience.

– Appearance: The Meizu PANDAER 120W Desktop Super Charging Station PRO is equipped with a PANDAER star ring LOGO light, which is both an indicator light and an AC five-hole socket electromagnetic switch. It can also carry out independent zone control of AC and DC.
– Indicator lights: The USB-C interface also provides indicator lights, which are as follows:
– Blue: 50W-100W charging power
– Green: Charging power below 50W
– Red: Low-speed charging
– Color scheme: The product is available in Glacier White color scheme.
– Pricing and availability: The product started crowdfunding on June 28 at a price of 399 yuan. It is now officially launched on e-commerce platforms such as (link unavailable), and users can purchase it without making a reservation.

– Rapid charging: 120W multi-protocol fast charging
– Efficient performance: GaN dual chips
– Optimized compatibility: Accurately adapted to the Meizu 20 series
– High-power output: Supports up to 2500W AC output
– Advanced connectivity: “Super Sensing Stable Connection Technology 2.0”
– Visual indicator: PANDAER star ring LOGO light
– Flexible control: Independent zone control of AC and DC
– Charging status indicator: Indicator lights on the USB-C interface

These features make the Meizu PANDAER 120W Desktop Super Charging Station PRO a powerful and convenient charging solution for your devices.

The Meizu PANDAER 120W Desktop Super Charging Station PRO is a cutting-edge charging solution designed to cater to the diverse needs of various devices. With its impressive features and robust performance, it’s an ideal choice for individuals seeking a swift and dependable charging experience. Whether you’re a busy professional or a tech enthusiast, this charging station is sure to meet your charging requirements with ease and efficiency.

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