Prince Harry ‘lost only ally’ in Royal Family – ‘There’s a lot of distrust’ – see details

Prince Harry has remained largely distant from the Royal Family since his relocation to California and his involvement in a string of controversial interviews. The Duke of Sussex is expected to experience further turbulence in his personal life moving forward, as it has been suggested he lost a major “ally” in the Queen. Despite levelling a series of startling allegations against the Royal Family, Prince Harry repeatedly claimed he had retained a close relationship with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. Following her death, the Duke’s position in the Royal Family is tipped to come under further scrutiny as King Charles takes the throne.

Russell Myers, the royal editor for The Mirror reported: “You looked at Harry the last few days and he has looked particularly distraught.

“Of course, he has lost his grandmother, potentially his only ally in this family.”

Prince Harry was surrounded by his royal relatives throughout the official mourning period for the late Queen, but the royal commentator suggested the occasion had not resolved long-standing tensions within the Royal Family.

He said: “As I understand it, there was no meeting between him and William. It was reported that they saw each other very briefly when their cars passed each other.” Speaking to Oprah in his groundbreaking 2021 interview, Prince Harry described his grandmother’s welcoming of Meghan Markle into the royal sphere as “amazing”.

The Duke also asserted that his later decision to step away from his royal duties had not come as a sudden surprise to the Queen, blaming the “institution” for suggestions that he had “blindsided” her.

He said: “I’ve never blindsided my grandmother. I have too much respect for her.”

Following his move abroad, Prince Harry claimed he remained in frequent contact with the Queen, adding: “My grandmother and I have a really good relationship.” In comparison to his strong relationship with his grandmother, Prince Harry has discussed the strained relationship he shares with his father.

The Duke of Sussex revealed that, for a period after his step back from the Royal Family, he struggled to communicate with King Charles. Prince Harry said: “He stopped taking my calls.”

The Duke explained that he felt “let down” by his father, adding that there was “a lot of hurt” that the pair needed to work through to resolve their relationship.

He also reported that he was distanced from his brother, Prince William, describing their lives as being on “different paths” over recent years. Following the death of the Queen, Mr Myers suggested Prince Harry’s upcoming business ventures may leave him vulnerable to further feuding with his royal relatives.

The royal commentator said: “It is a very sad situation but there is a lot of distrust in the family.

“He has got his book coming out – how much will that destroy relations that are already pretty fractured?”

Prince Harry is due to publish a tell-all memoir which had been “tentatively scheduled” for release in the autumn of this year, however an exact publication date remains unclear.

There has been concern among royal commentators that the Prince’s autobiography could unveil additional damaging revelations about the Royal Family, serving to further complicate the Duke’s personal relationships.


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