Queen’s ‘extraordinarily warm and forgiving’ nature sparks hopes for Harry reconnect


THE QUEEN’s “extraordinarily warm and forgiving” nature combined with the family themes of the Platinum Jubilee has sparked hope for Prince Harry to reunite with the royals later this year. Royal correspondent and commentator Alistair Bruce believed the Queen would want as many family members around her for her Platinum Jubilee later this year, sparking hope Prince Harry could reunite with his relatives. Mr Bruce explained the Queen was “warm and forgiving” and said many families had their “ups and downs” as royal experts speculate on the Sussexes attendance. It comes as details of the Jubilee events have been made public with dates announced for the special celebrations throughout the year.



Speaking to Sky News, Mr Bruce was asked whether he thinks Harry will return to the UK for the Jubilee. He said: “I have no idea, but I think you find in the Queen an extraordinarily forgiving and warm member of the Royal Family. “Who wants to embrace everyone in whatever way she can, who is her family.



“Most families have ups and downs and I think for the Queen to have as many of her family around her is as reassuring as most people when they can bring families together. “But we will find out much more as the months go on and the Palace will give more information.”



Mr Bruce joked that the UK public can get involved as much as they want in the Jubilee and can choose to completely ignore them – something he said the Queen was very much aware of. The Queen will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee on February 6 which will mark her 70 years on the throne. But royal experts and commentators have been speculating on whether Harry and Meghan will attend any of the celebrations.



Events are being held throughout 2022 which begins with Fortnum and Mason’s dessert competition which will find a pudding dedicated to the Queen made by the public. From May 12 to 15, Windsor Castle will play host to hundreds of performers and horses who will perform a play on UK royal history.



The country will also celebrate the Big Jubilee Lunch on June 5 which will be part of a four-day bank holiday weekend celebrating the milestone. Many more events have also been announced but it is not yet known if the Sussexes will attend any of them. Royal expert and commentator, Jonathan Sacerdoti appeared on the Royally Us podcast and believes Harry will make an appearance but without Meghan.



He said: “Meghan will probably be in attendance if travelling and everything is okay with the kids and everything like that. “So this will be the first time that Meghan and Harry have come back, obviously Harry came back for the statue unveiling but this is the first time that the Queen will hopefully meet her great-granddaughter. “This could be the case. I have heard some rumours that maybe Prince Harry will come back without Meghan.



“It is notable that she hasn’t been back during those visits he’s made.” Royal editor Roya Nikkhah appeared on The Royal Beat and thought if the Sussexes did return to the UK it would make the meet “awkward”. She explained Harry’s memoirs may shadow proceedings and said: “The publishers have been very vague about the timing of that book and have said it will be out towards the end of [2022], which would be after the main Jubilee celebrations.



“If they come over for the Jubilee, which I’m sure they will be part of it somehow, it’s going to be quite weird with the royal family sort of thinking, what is coming in a couple of months time and what bombs might drop. “You say he is going to have to come out with a lot of details in the book, but I don’t think Harry will need a huge amount of encouragement to do that. “We’ve seen in the last year, he is very open about wanting to talk more about his life and how he feels and his emotions, so I think for him he sees it as a big opportunity to say some more of what he wants to say.”



Ms Nikkhah also told Sky News she believes if the Sussexes did return then they would not be put front and centre to avoid deflecting attention away from the Queen. Majesty Magazine Editor-in-chief, Ingrid Seward, believes Harry and Meghan need to attend the jubilee if they want to remain relevant to American audiences.


  1. With respect to the Queen and her Long years as a Monarch it is EPIC To be on the Throne for 70 yrs ,most of those who are pro Monarch are now dead ,this is a new generation .The Sussex WILL be the HIGHLIGHTS .IF they turned up with their children and I dare say will bring the people out to see them either for good or bad That will make a difference of the amount in the Crowd A question between A rock and a hard place ..Do they or do they not come ? Up to the Queen

  2. I think the Queen is a far better woman than me if she does forgive her, she deserves a medal God bless our amazing Queen xx


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