Venus Williams Accidentally Flashes Her Pants and Got Everyone Talking

Venus Williams flashes


Venus Williams twerks in a skimpy lace dress as she parties the night away. Venus had plenty to celebrate on Thursday as she partied with friends. The 42-year-old tennis pro pulled out all her best moves on the dance floor, twerking in a white lace mini dress alongside the bride.



In footage from inside the New Orleans bash that surfaced on Friday, Venus is seen shaking her stuff to Juvenile track Back That A** Up! The athlete flashes lots of thigh and some cleavage in the tight backless cocktail dress as she dances back-to-back with a brunette party-goer.



Venus Williams shook her stuff to Back That A Up by Juvenile
The celebrations looked like a blast with guests dancing and drinking while the DJ span some hits. At the start of the clip Venus is seen dancing next to her sister Serena who wears a white prom-style dress with white sparkly Nike shoes perfect for dancing.



A source told TMZ that the food at the party was a big hit, with a Cajun section, seafood section, a ‘Tour of Italy’ section with pasta choices. There was also a steak section with a variety of cuts of meat and an American section. The morning after Venus was spotted out and about looking upbeat as she chatted to a pal outside a coffee shop in New Orleans.



Venus Williams Steps Out for SAG Awards in Dress with Thigh High Slit pics
The tennis star sported long black leggings, white tennis shoes and a white cropped sweater as she beamed a big smile. A-list celebrities gathered for the party.



Is Venus Williams married?



Venus Williams Flaunts at Critics Choice Awards 2022
Know all about Venus Williams’ relationship history here as she isn’t the one to talk about her relationships in public. Former World No.1, Venus Williams has many titles to her name with a striking tennis reputation among her peers and the tennis industry.

Venus Williams Flaunts pics

Venus Williams and Serena Williams have long established their status as legendary tennis players. Serena Williams announced her retirement which will be followed by the conclusion of 2022 US Open. She cited family responsibilities as her reason for saying goodbye to tennis. But what about her older sister, Venus Williams?

Venus Williams puts on eye-popping display in low-cut gown at Oscars 2022

Venus Williams has been No.1 in both singles and doubles ranking. With 7 singles grand slam titles (5 at Wimbledon and 2 at the US Open) in her portfolio, Venus Williams has been mostly private about her personal life unlike her sister Serena who’s married to Alexis Ohanian with whom she shares a daughter.

What is Venus Williams’ relationship status?

Venus Williams has never been married but has dated several high-profile personalities. The 42-year-old started dating Cuban model Elios Pis in 2012. She met Elios Pis when he modelled for her clothing line. They dated until 2015 and finally split in 2017. The reason for their split remains unclear. After her long-term relationship with Pis, Williams dated publishing mogul and financier Nicholas Hammond. They began dating in 2017 but parted ways in 2019.

Venus Williams was in great spirits as she wore a casual outfit of long black leggings and a cropped sweater

When asked about her views on marriage, Williams told Cosmopolitan, “I have a lot of friends who don’t believe me when I say that I like my life and I don’t want to change it for any reason. I’m not desperate and they don’t believe me. They say things like, ‘You’re going to miss your window.’ I’m like, ‘Please, relax. You might feel this way, but I don’t. I promise you I don’t”

Venus Williams on Leveling UpVenus Williams is not looking to get married or having children any time soon and believes in enjoying her free time with her peers and close ones. Venus Williams has been in the spotlight for years with her successful tennis career but she likes to keep her relationships under the wraps.








How do you set goals while being kind to yourself?




That’s such a great question. I think it’s important to realize life is a process and goals are a process. Sometimes we don’t reach those goals. We have to reflect and think, What happened in this process that didn’t succeed? That helps you take things less personally because we’re hard on ourselves. That can be a good thing, but you know, it has to be measured. You’re on the journey of life and must realize ups and downs are a part of it.



In 2003, you told Oprah if you’re not wearing something you feel confident in, you don’t play as well. How did those feelings inform this partnership for you?

Venus Williams about her relationship life


My partnership with Stitch Fix is about feeling good about yourself and figuring out how to do that more often. I love Stitch Fix, and I was so excited when I got the call to be a part of this campaign. Navigating those ups and downs in life is something I’ve experienced personally. We are kicking off 2022 by saying goodbye to “gymtimidation.” It’s the anxiety we get when looking at others or starting a new routine when we’ve had a break and are getting back in it, regardless of our athletic level. It’s that lack of confidence. We want to say goodbye to that, and I want to share my experiences to help women feel their best.



Tell me about your relationship with your body. What would you say to somebody who isn’t as confident?

Serena and Venus Williams stun on the cover of Harper's Bazaar as they talk life after retirement

We have to focus on what our bodies can do for us, especially as women. There’s so much focus on whether our bodies fit the standard of what society says [it should]. That’s always changing. Nowadays, people want to look a certain way, wear certain things, or whatever it is. We have to let go of those norms and refocus on what our bodies are doing for us. My job is to focus on what my body is doing for me and how it’s performing, and I’m one of those people who wants to be perfect.

When my inner monologue is like, No body fat! More muscles! I’m like, Relax and try to appreciate what you have. It’s great to aim for something. It’s also important to appreciate what your body can do for you. The body is amazing.

Serena And Venus Williams' Yacht Getaway

You mentioned the pressure to be perfect. You look great, you play great, and you design great. What would you like to get better at?

My goals are to work on eating [healthy] foods, so my body stays in balance. When we rush, we forget to do stuff like take our vitamins or drink enough water. Once you have the basics down, you can add other stuff.

Venus Williams cute

You mentioned people try to pigeonhole you into just doing one thing instead of having multiple interests. You’ve reaped the benefits of pushing against that box.

Yeah, that came from my parents. They wanted us to be more than athletes. They wanted us to explore, get our education, and they pushed entrepreneurship. It’s definitely given me a lot of opportunities to do more outside of the games. It’s broadened my horizons.

Serena and Venus Williams on Instagram Yacht got time

What would you say to kids who are struggling with their bodies?

To the kids struggling with their bodies, I would say don’t compare yourself to anyone. Just be you and find out what you want and what is important to you. You get to be an individual. You don’t have to be everyone else. It doesn’t seem like that at the moment, but you really do want to be yourself as you grow up and get older.

Venus Williams gala party

As a kid, part of that journey is figuring out how to be an adult. What kind of adult do you want to be? Who are your role models? Having an opportunity to have role models, whether they’re close or people you saw on TV, can help you with that journey.

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

Venus Williams stylish

I live for fashion. It’s my happy place. That’s why I started my activewear brand, EleVen. My biggest fashion inspiration was Virgil Abloh. So that was super heavy when he passed. Thom Browne has really been doing amazing things.

You’ve been astronomically successful for a long time. What does success look like for you in 2022, given it’s such a unique environment?

Venus Williams gala party dress

Oh, I’ve got goals. If you don’t have goals anymore, it means you retired—I’m not retired yet. I love what I do. I love the teams I work with. Right now, I have the opportunity to pick and choose my projects. I get to work on things I’m passionate about; that’s obviously icing on the cake.


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